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This page will contain media, music, Blogs and Vlogs, as well as access to music and CD’s, Please Scroll down and find a wide assortment of videos and music! As I add content it will be in reverse order. Newest posts will be at the bottom of the page and there will be a ton of stuff here!

Live with the Zen Blues Quartet featuring Mike Finnigan, Steve Ferrone and Tim Scott

Trading 4’s with Mike Finnigan on the song What a Life

Funky Momma

Live with the incredible Sara Niemitz, Mitchel Forman and Kevin Axt and Sergio Gonzalez

I can’t stand the Rain

God Bless the Child

Live Video on Tour with Valerie Carter in Japan with Mike Visceglia and Daniel Weiss at the Blue Note in Tokyo:

More Boulder Blues Quartet

A fun Jazz Ballad with Robert Johnson and the Boulder Blues Quartet

Informal review of the Neunaber Immerse Reverb Pedal

Live and studio recordings and videos where I am playing guitar:

Live recording of the amazing Mike Finnigan singing Part Time Love –

Live Recording of Tim Scott singing Tata Ya Baby

Jeff Paris singing Autumn Leaves

Tamara Champlin singing here song Bad Love, with Steve Ferrone and Tim Scott

An original composition, Maya’s Other dance, for Acoustic Guitar, By John March

Live in NYC at the Record Plant in 1988? Danny louis from Gov’t Mule on Kbds and a host of great NYC players:

Live Recording ZBQ and Tim Scott singing “I Love you more than you’ll ever know”

with John March