Video Lessons

I am going to present a series of lessons that explores Harmonic vocabulary, creative thinking, and in general a fresh exploration of the guitar that looks at the connection between inspiration and creativity, and talks about unique ways to engage and bridge that gap. Ideas will be presented that will help you to see the instrument differently, generate creative options as an accompanist and a composer, and in general re-introduce a sense of joy and exploration into your evolution as a musician. I will have recorded lessons and also be setting up Live interactive lessons Via Skype. I will also be posting lessons that show specific Ted Greene solo guitar arrangements!

If this sounds interesting to you please let us know here. Enter you email in the form below, and I will be posting information regarding sign up and participation soon!

Lesson 01: Seeing The Guitar Differently

Lesson 02: Building a Harmonic Vocabulary

Lesson 03: The value of a single note

Lesson 04: Creating Composite Scales

Lesson 05: Meditation for Musicians


with John March