Education, lectures and workshops

Areas of exploration and workshops/lectures:

Mixing sound for Film, Video, TV

Mixing Music

Recording Music

Recording and editing VO

Mixing for Promo

Mixing and design for Games

Sound design

Video editing 101

Haptics editorial and design for Mobile devices and VR

These are designed workshops that run for 2-3 hours

  • Teaching music to the aliens – this is an interactive workshop based on creating a dialog between students that discusses what we assume and take for granted as musicians and artists.
  • Why we have ears – An exploration of Physics, Bio-mechanics, Nyquists theorem and the art of Mixing sound for Music and Post
  • Two Tin Cans and a wire – a Lecture about the nature of technology, understanding the GUI and the fact that, in any given creative situation, it is NEVER the technology, but the person in the chair utilizing the technology, that solves the problem.
  • Meditation for musicians – is a program I developed at The Musician’s Institute in LA. Based on basic and direct meditation practices from Theravadan and modern secular approaches. Intended to help students find focus and relaxation through mindfulness.

These are workshops that run for 1-3 days and can be tailored for the students and the curriculum needs:

Modern approaches to Guitar

Developing a Harmonic Vocabulary on Guitar

Modern ensemble work for Jazz, Funk, Blues and R&B

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